Documentary Video Production
Storytelling is our passion.people, events, authentic narratives.
Documentary Video Production

Merit brings expertise to your documentary film at every stage of the documentary process. Based in Austin, Texas, and extending our services nationwide, we focus on details and narratives to craft the perfect vision for your film. Merit has collaborated with individuals, organizations, and museums to bring stories to life. From the beginning, we analyze your project’s goals and objectives, whether it’s raising awareness for a cause, showcasing an individual, or sparking enthusiasm in your audience.

Featured Work

Our portfolio displays our commitment to every client, from the initial pre-production brainstorming to the meticulous post-production editing phase. Through our film, we’ve brought awareness to a Texas Freedom Colony, its community, and its mission to restore its church after a storm heavily damaged it. Additionally, we’ve partnered with a pilot on his journey, capturing the Texas border through aerial photography. Whatever the concept may be for your documentary film, our portfolio demonstrates our expertise and dedication.

Austin Documentary Production

Why a Documentary?

We blend your story with professional video production to create an authentic and engaging film. You can showcase just about anything, including an event or person. Our professionals can format your story for smaller audiences or showings on the big screens. In every production phase, we keep your objectives in mind and create a documentary narrative your audience will remember.

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